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 Adult Recognitions

Adults in Girl Scouting give generously of their time, talent, resources and skills. Please review the Adult Recognition Booklet that outlines the criteria for a variety of awards from which you may choose to honor exceptional service. Their dedication inspires all of us, so each spring, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia honors our hard-working volunteers with a wide variety of awards.

Nominations are being accepted until 12:00 p.m. on February 6, 2015.

Any one can nominate. Girls are especially encouraged to participate in the nomination process. It would be especially appropriate for girls to nominate and/or write the letters of recommendation for an award that recognizes a volunteer’s service in his/her role directly to girls (Troop Leader, Event Planner, Day Camp Director, etc). Nominating these individuals for an award for their outstanding contribution to Girl Scouts is one way we can publicly say "thank you".
Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia values and appreciates the contributions of people within and outside of Girl Scouting. Whether that contribution is working in partnership with girls or adults, in governance or management, volunteer or employed staff member, long tenured or short-term, we appreciate anyone whose efforts are sincerely focused on making the Girl Scout experience good for girls. The adult recognition process is designed to honor those individuals, organizations and businesses whose service exceeds expectations, whose contributions are significant, who is a model of outstanding performance, and whose efforts go “above and beyond."

Please note: If you would prefer to complete and submit your forms easily, immediately and in one step, click here for the Forms and Resources page to access our online forms. The online forms will allow you to know immediately if your nomination form has been received by the correct staff person. This will also allow you to avoid the need to print paper copies and complete the nominations by hand for submission.

With the nomination deadline for the formal council awards behind us, it’s important to know that service units still have the option of presenting other awards of appreciation and recognition for outstanding support or service. For these awards, no nomination form is required and there is no deadline!  Awards are simply purchased/downloaded and presented by the Service Unit Leadership Team to the recipient at a time of their choosing. The certificate templates are available on the website (below). Other items are available for purchase through the GSHG shops year round. Some are appropriate for leaders, volunteers, and even community supporters.
Click here for details!

These items can be mixed and matched for presentation. For example present a Certificate of Appreciation with a Girl Scout Grade-level Volunteer Pin and call the awardees the service unit’s “Outstanding Daisy Volunteers of the Year”. There are a few other options as well in the attachment. But don’t limit yourself to these ideas. You can create other awards or certificates to recognize important service that is specific to your service unit. Appreciation and recognition should never be limited to the formal, council awards.

 Adult Recognitions Files

If you have any questions about adult awards, please contact the Adult Recognitions team at adultrecognitions@gshg.org.