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Building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

 Training Descriptions

Online Learning Opportunities and Resources:

Basic Archery Instructor
(formerly Level 1)
Length of course: 8 hours
The purpose of this course is to teach participants how to set up and operate a safe short-term archery program, guide new archers, maintain the equipment, and create fun games for new archers. This course certifies participants to provide basic archery programs. This class is required for Girl Scouts to participate in archery activities.
Basic Water Rescue/Small Craft Safety – Canoe (BWR/SCS)
Prerequisite: Skills requirements (Contact Volunteer Development for details)
Length of course: 8 hours
Provides the information and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to small craft and aquatic emergencies using non-swimming rescues. This class is required to take Girl Scouts canoeing on lakes.
Beyond the Meeting Place Home-study
This home-study manual and questions includes progression (age-appropriate and experience-appropriate activities), girl led process, minimal impact principals, poisonous / venomous plants and animals, dressing for the outdoors, required GSHG travel/trip procedures, food nutrition and safety considerations for traveling, and safety considerations when traveling. A registered adult from any troop or pathway group must complete this course prior to conducting any kind of travel or trip, including local day-time field trips. This training allows troops/groups to participate in simple field trips i.e., to local attractions such as a museum or fire station; take day trip to explore your outdoor environment, i.e., a hike at a state park; stay overnight in an indoor setting i.e., hotel, school, church, or lodge/cabin with indoor residential cooking and bathroom facilities (the bathroom is located in the same building).
Ceremonial Campfire & S’Mores (COMING SOON)
Prerequisite: Beyond the Meeting Place
Length of course: 2 hours
This optional, enrichment course covers basic fire safety and fire building. This training will allow troops/ groups to build ceremonial campfires, roast hot dogs and marshmallows (for s’mores) and do simple outdoor grilling with girls. (If adults are grilling without girl participation and away from girls, training is not needed.)
First Aid/ Adult & Child CPR
Length of course: 8 hours
The purpose of this course is to recognize and respond to emergencies including shock, cardiac and breathing emergencies for adults, children and infants, heat and cold emergencies, sudden illnesses and poisonings. Additionally, participants will learn first aid for issues from cuts and scrapes to muscle, bone and joint injuries. This class is required before Girl Scouts leave their meeting place and for participation in various other activities (see safety guidelines in Volunteer Essentials and specific Safety Activity Checkpoints).
Girl Scouting 101 (GS101)
Length of course: 45 minutes
Girl Scouting 101 introduces volunteers to Girl Scouts’ national leadership experience, from Journey resources and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to cookie sales, safety guidelines, and much more. Includes: Girl Scout overview, Ways to Participate (pathways), What Girl Scouts Do (GSLE, journeys, Girl’s Guides, Bronze/ Silver / Gold Awards), Mission, Promise, and Law, Girl Scout Cookies, Staying Safe (the Girl Scouts Safety Standards), Ages and Stages: What Girl Scouts Are Like (girl development for each grade level), What’s Next (how to move forward with your local region or area; how you are supported). Spend about 45–50 minutes—whenever you can fit it into your day. Available online (http://training.girlscouts.org), CD-Rom, DVD, or e-facilitation session (blended learning option with online training and a face to face Q&A session).

Girl Scouts 101 Refresher
A brief review of the Girl Scouting 101 orientation videos. Girl Scouting 101 is designed to immerse you in Girl Scout basics, such as the GSLE – Girl Scout Leadership Experience and the National Program Portfolio.  This review allows you to go back and experience the subtle nuances you might have missed the first time around or to share a section you found especially interesting with another volunteer or a girl’s parent.  Spend as much or as little time here as needed: Girl Scouting 101 Refresher  (ENJOY!)

Click any of the links below to view the video for the corresponding topic:
Grade-Level Training
These sessions will help volunteers learn how to use the Journeys. Participants will discover through hands-on activities the following : how to engage girls at each grade level, determine how to customize a Journey for their group, delve into the GSLE (Girl Scout Leadership Experience) and the 15 Outcomes, review the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, find out how to tie Bronze, Silver and Gold awards into Journey work, and look at the difference between “community service” and “TAKE ACTION” projects. Offered as a face to face session. Recommended that volunteers in a leadership role attend within the first 3 months or upon changing grade-levels.

Grade-level Online Toolkit of Resources  for Troop Leaders and Volunteers
10 Essential Elements for Troop Leaders (Daisy, Brownie, Junior) to help girls plan and implement a super Troop Program.
Here’s what’s special about troops: They offer girls the power and joy of teaming up, trying new things, creating their own adventures—all while making the world a better place. Based on 100 years of organizing troops, Girl Scouts has identified 10 “essential elements” for creating a high-quality and fun-filled experience for girls. Just click on the Daisy, Brownie, or Junior links below for your online toolkit of resources:
LEAP (Leadership Experience for Adult Pathways)
This adult event includes a variety of training classes - from core training like New Leader Orientation, Grade Level, and Outdoor Skills 101 to fun, enrichment workshops all in one convenient training event. Participants have the opportunity to take several workshop sessions of their choosing over the course of this event and meet leaders and volunteers from across their region and the council. Check the council website, www.gshg.org, for fees, schedules, and details.

Click any of the links below to view the corresponding Mini-Modules (zip files.)
- Flag Ceremonies
- General Ceremonies
- Girl's Guides Tip Shop
- Leadership Skills
- Religious Recognitions
- Take Action
Moving Water Safety – Canoeing
Prerequisite: Basic Water Rescue/Small Craft Safety
Length of course: 1 hour class time + river trip
The purpose of this course is to provide individuals with information and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to moving water emergencies. This class is required to take Girl Scouts canoeing on rivers or other moving water.
New Leader Orientation (NLO)
Who: Required for new troop leadership team volunteers.
Pre-requisite: Girl Scouting 101
New Leader Orientation provides the nuts and bolts for getting started as a leader and a basic understanding of this volunteer role. Includes: Understanding your role as a leader, pathway/troop basics, planning and executing a parent meeting, planning and executing a pathway (troop) meeting using GSLE, how to set up the troop checking account and other basics of running a troop/pathway, council policies and basic safety guidelines, travel and ratios, and how a SU operates and the importance of Girl Leadership Experience (GSLE). This training is offered as a face-to-face session.

New Volunteer Orientation (NVO)
Who: For new non-troop volunteers
Pre-requisite: Girl Scouting 101 or Volunteering for Series and Events
New Volunteer Orientation provides the essentials for getting started as a new volunteer in GSHG. Includes: the Service Delivery structure and peer to peer support systems; the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE);  volunteer resources available, i.e. Volunteer Essentials, Quick Start, Safety Activity Checkpoints, GSHG Operational Volunteer Policies and Procedures; how to keep girls safe; purpose of a parent meeting; and how to choose safe and appropriate activity locations.  This training is offered as a face-to-face session.
Outdoor Skills 101 (OS 101)
Prerequisite: Beyond the Meeting Place (Must be completed one week prior to OS101.)
Length of course: 24 hours
The purpose of this course is to teach additional outdoor skills needed for an outdoor overnight experience. Covers: the eight basic outdoor skills, use campfires to do basic outdoor cooking, how to cook foil meals, one pot meals, and use propane stove, use knives safely, tie knots, how to implement girl/adult planning and progression in outdoor activities, health, safety, and security controls to ensure the well being of girls and adults, and to experience living in the out-of-doors. This class is available as a facilitator led course. This class is required to take Girl Scouts on experiences where there will be outdoor cooking ( i.e., campfire or propane stove), campfires (songs and s’mores) or sleeping in an outdoor setting (bathroom facilities in separate structure, i.e., platform tents, cabins, pitched tents).

Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse & Neglect
Every person working with children is an important part of Georgia's plan to eliminate the abuse and neglect of children. In this FREE one-hour online course, you will learn to better recognize the indicators of abuse and neglect, understand your role in responsible reporting, and identify the groups of children who may be at a higher risk of being abused or neglected.  It is recommended that volunteers appointed to a troop leadership team, leadership team of any Pathway group, and/or service team take the online child abuse training within the first 3 months of appointment.  The training is also recommended for all other positions. Go to  https://www.gocftrainingonline.com and click on the link for “Mandated Reporters: Critical Links in Protecting Children in Georgia”. Upon completion of this training, please submit your completion certificate to your Membership Manager. 

Song Leading Mini-Workshop for Adults
In the spirit of “anything to help get the girls singing”, GSU offers these song leading workshops. We hope it is helpful and encouraging to those of you who aren’t familiar with Girl Scout songs, those who may not be comfortable trying to sing with your young Girl Scouts or those who simply enjoy the fun and fellowship that singing brings. Please watch the video, download the MP3s of the songs and page of lyrics, and jump into the fun of Girl Scout song.
Click either of the links below to view the video on the corresponding grade-level:
- Song Leading Mini-Workshop (Daisies)
- Song Leading Mini-Workshop (Brownies)
The Story ofJuliette Low
Girl Scouts University, National Historic Preservation Center, and The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace invite you to look into the life of our founder, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, to inspire and remind us why we serve in the Girl Scouts movement. Explore The Story of Juliette Gordon Low timeline. Be entertained with personal letters and accounts from close friends and family with our JGL video. Download the interactive JGL iBook.

Click any of the links below to select your format:
Volunteer Essentials
Volunteer Essentials is a resource written for volunteers serving in any pathway, and can also be given to volunteers who do not work directly with girls. This resource offers information about Girl Scouts as a movement and a tradition, asks volunteers to assess their own skills and competencies, discusses the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and Journeys books, highlights other program offerings, shares information about healthy development in girls, instructs volunteers in how to keep girls safe, gives information on taking trips and hosting events, and tells volunteers how to help girls manage group finances, including details on Girl Scout Cookie sales. Volunteer Essentials is available as a resource guide or available on CD Rom.

Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events

Length of course: 25 minutes
Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events online orientation introduces volunteers to: What Girl Scouts Do (GSLE, journeys, Girl’s Guides, Bronze/ Silver / Gold Awards), Mission, Promise, and Law, Girl Scout Cookies, Staying Safe (the Girl Scouts Safety Standards), Ages and Stages: What Girl Scouts Are Like (girl development for each grade level), Ready to Work with Girls? (how to move forward with your local council; how you are supported).  Available online at http://training.girlscouts.org.
And More!
Additional enrichment and skills classes are offered occasionally (i.e., Fires, Lifeguard, Challenge/Ropes Courses, Orienteering, Geocaching, Outdoor Skills 102, Team Building, Intermediate Archery Instructor, etc). Check the online training schedule and Samoa News (GSHG's e-newsletter) for details on additional area classes of interest.

Also:  You can help the GSHG council staff more effectively plan trainings to meet the interests of our volunteers. Please take the Training Interest Survey to indicate trainings you would be interested in completing, and the information gathered from this survey will be used in scheduling future volunteer learning opportunities.