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Hope. Equality. Respect.
Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.
Past. Present. Future.

  HER Story, HER Reflection, HER Legacy


Introduction from the CEO

Dear Girl Scout family, 

I am so glad you have chosen to participate in the HERstory patch program.  You are beginning what I hope will be a lifelong journey of learning to understand and appreciate others.  

Diversity is in the Girl Scout DNA. We have valued and supported girls from every background since our inception in 1912.  In fact, our founder Juliette Gordon Low laid the foundation for diversity that runs through our movement to this day.  Our mission --  to build girls of courage confidence and character who make the world a better place -- extends to all members irrespective of their ethnicity, gender or economic status. 

Our council is committed to fostering the ideals of racial and gender equity.  However, we want to be sure to provide the tools necessary for courageous conversations and collective growth.  To that end we have developed the HERstory program guide for girls and leaders.  

The HERstory curriculum includes topics such as gender bias, racial injustice, unconscious bias, and other contemporary topics.  All sections offer a variety of activities designed to help girls understand one another and have a deeper appreciation of what makes us different, as well as what we have in common. Through our HERstory program, girls develop the necessary leadership skills to advance diversity and promote tolerance.  And, since we are girl led, troop members with their leaders decide which topics to explore.  Girl Scouts will also learn the importance of embracing their differences and ensuring all voices are heard in a space where it is safe to speak their minds. 

We may not share the same political beliefs or faith traditions, but we share common principles guided by the Girl Scout Promise and Law. For over 100 years we have promoted the values of respect, compassion, and fairness. We teach girls to speak out when they see injustice and to speak up when something is wrong.  Most importantly, when girls discover and connect with others, they gain the courage, confidence, and character they need to be leaders. 

I am looking forward to hearing all about your experiences as you learn about others and begin to write your own story. 


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Sue Else,
CEO of GIrl Scouts of Historic Georgia


Girl Program & Resource List


Leader's Guide & Resource List

DEI General Resources
Conscious and Unconscious Bias
HERstory graphic Jane
Socioeconomic Status
HERstory graphic Gloria
Being Black in America
HERstory graphic Coretta
HERstory graphic Ellen
HERstory graphic Ellen
Mental, Emotional and Physical Disabilities
HERstory graphic Temple-2
HERstory graphic Minerva-2
The First People's Nation/Indigenous Americans
HERstory graphic Evonne
American Asian Pacific Islanders
HERstory graphic Patsy
The Middle East
HERstory graphic Malala

The following books are excellent resources to further discussions and activities with the HERstory guides! Click the links to learn more about each book or to purchase them.



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    "This program does a great job opening the conversation on some of these harder-to-talk-about topics!"

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    "I think HERstory is timely and needed. I was glad to be a part of it!"

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    "Overhearing the HERstory activity from a few rooms away, it is really good! Sounds like a great way to help girls escape the limiting boxes that biases too often try to hold them in."

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    "This is definitely going to make a difference in our youth! Thanks for sharing this program with us."

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    "Our 6th graders learned that not everyone is treated equally, especially if they are of another race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc."

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    "My Brownies LOVED HERstory, interacted amazingly, understood the concepts that were introduced... it was PERFECT for their age level!"