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535 East Liberty Street Savannah GA 31401

As Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia celebrates Girl Scouts 110th birthday in March of 2022, we are excited to officially open our latest space, the GIRL Center, for regular programming beginning in March.  This fun and interactive space will host a variety of programming opportunities throughout the year with most of the programs having a foundation in or emphasis on STEM education.    

Girl Scouting has a history of offering STEM opportunities to girls dating to the earliest days of the organization and some program offerings will reflect that legacy, combining traditional Girl Scout activities with both period and contemporary scientific principles.  These hands-on opportunities include Geocaching, the international “hide and seek” adventure game utilizing traditional navigational methods as well as current satellite-based GPS technology, and a program based on skills from the very first Girl Scout Handbook which include period but timeless STEM lessons.

In addition to these options, there will be special staff- lead programs on the first Saturday of each month focusing on a variety of subjects. Finally, there will be a selection of “DIY” Programs in which leaders can self-facilitate programming in the GIRL Center based on rotating Girl Scout Badge-in-a-Bag options, STEAM Starter Kits, and STEM Investigation Activity Kits developed through an exciting partnership with Georgia Southern University.

To learn about our current program opportunites, click here!