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Cookie Program Rewards

Congratulations on a great 2019-20 Girl Scout Cookie Season! 

Council Cookie Points can be used for the following:

Council Shop Purchases

Council Cookie Points can be used to make purchases in any Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia local council shops. 

Council Events and Sponsored Trips

Council Cookie Points can be used to attend council-sponsored events, such as Questfest 2020 and trips. Council events be found at (Does not include EF Tours, with the exception of the council-sponsored trip to Spain in 2020.)

GSHG Resident or Day Camp

Council Cookie Points can be used to cover a portion of the resident or day camp. Note: Cookie Points cannot be used for camp deposit(s). You can find the camps listed HERE!

Girl Scout Destinations

Every girl deserves a chance to experience wanderlust! Girl Scouts offers many opportunities to see new places, meet new people and learn about different cultures. Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventures for individual girls ages 11 and older, with different trips hosted each year by Girl Scout councils and other organizations around the world. There's something amazing for everyone. To search for your own exciting adventure, visit

Note: Cookie Points cannot be used for travel deposits. 

GSHG Travel Points

Travel Points can only be used for trips offered by tour companies, such as EF Tours, PBN'J Tours and Holbrook Tours. The Council will pay the travel companies directly at a 50% exchange rate on behalf of a Girl Scout. Travel Points must be used before the expiration date of December 15, 2020. However, the trip can take place after the expiration date.

Service Area Sponsored Events

Council Cookie Points can be used to attend service area sponsored events. 

Silver or Gold Award Project Expenses

Council Cookie Points can be used to offset expenses related to Silver or Gold Award expenses. 

GSUSA Lifetime Membership

Ambassador Girl Scouts who are graduating from high school can use their Council Cookie Points toward their lifetime GSUSA membership. 

Online Cookie Points can be used for the following: 

Online Merchandise

Online Cookie Points can only be used at the GSUSA or GSHG online shop. Girls who choose online Cookie Points receive a gift certificate via email directly from GSUSA. 

Cookie Points cannot be exchanged, traded or gifted, with the exception of between siblings with parental consent. 

All unused Cookie Point Credits earned during the 2020 Cookie Program will expire on December 15, 2020.

Cookie Points can be applied to rewards below or credited to council purchases and trips, as outlined above.


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