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Due to the impact of COVID-19 all in-person summer camp programs have been cancelled for the 2020 season. View the full letter from our CEO here.

Our camp families and new to camp families may opt into Camp Outside the Box, a camp experience mailed to your door so that you can enjoy the magic and whimsy of camp where ever you are – your backyard, kitchen table or grandma’s house!

Camp Outside the Box is a jazz packed box of all things camp. If you elect to receive a box, your camper will unpack:

  1. Themed activities with all supplies + directions
  2. Personalized mail from a Camp Counselor
  3. Invitation to an in-person Camp Reunion in December at no additional cost for your camper
  4. A Camp T-shirt and Patch!
  5. Returning Camper Registration Weekend Access in 2021

There are 6 epically themed boxes to choose from:

  1. Fan-Favorites - activities based on popular movies
  2. Mrs. Frizz Science Bizz - STEM based activities
  3. Wander-Must! - Travel based activities
  4. Bear Necessities - Girl Scout tradition based activities
  5. Way-Finders - Water & Navigation based activities
  6. Explorers - Camping Skills based activities

Camp Outside the Box will begin shipping June 8, 2020 but is available for purchase until June 30, including new-to-camp families! Click the accordion for more information. Received your box? Great! Scroll down to check out the activity instruction videos!


Options for Current Camp Families
  1. Full refund - We will be offering a 100% refund of camp tuition paid, including the previously non-refundable deposit. Payments made via cash, check or credit card will be refunded to the original form of payment within 7 days of receipt of notification from the authorized user on the camper’s account.
  2. Families can elect to have their $50 deposit applied to “Camp Outside the Box" with the remaining camp tuition paid to date refunded to the original form of payment. 

GSHG will not make any refunds or transfers to, “Camp Outside the Box,” unless instructed to do so by the authorized user on the camper’s account via

Cookie Points

Any Cookie Points applied to 2020 Camp Tuition will be refunded to the Girl Scout’s balance. Cookie Points must be used by December 15, 2020.

Contact Susan King for questions concerning 2020 Council Cookie Points.

Cookie Program Incentive Camp Voucher

Girl Scouts who selected the Camp Voucher as a reward for the 2020 Cookie Program have two options:

  1. Apply your camp voucher to a 2021 Camp session
  2. Exchange your camp voucher for 200 Council Cookie Points. The Cookie Points must be used by December 15, 2020.

Contact Susan King to make changes to your 2020 Camp Voucher.

Camp Care Packages and other Add-Ons

Important notice for add-ons: Mama Bear Packages are SOLD OUT! Baby Bear Packages are still available! Add it to your camper's box by emailing the summer camp registrar.

The camp swag you ordered when you registered for camp can still be sent to your camper in the mail! This includes:

  1. Baby Bear Camp Package – Waterproof day pack, tree hugging stuffed bear, postcard w/stamp, tree hugger socks: $25
  2. Mama Bear Camp Package - All Baby Bear Package items + pop-up lantern and hammock: $50
  3. Additional Camper t-shirts: $15
  4. Additional Camper patches: $3.50

*Bike rentals for Camp Low sessions will be fully refunded to your original form of payment. Email to receive a refund on any 2020 GSHG Summer Camp Add-ons. Only requests received from the authorized user will be honored.

I didn't register for camp 2020, but I'd love a Camp Outside the Box!
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We’d love to mail you one! Camp Outside the Box costs $50 and includes the activities, swag and shipping. To purchase yours:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Under your new profile, click register for a new session.

 3. Select the Camp Outside the Box theme you’d like delivered! Click 
     continue at the bottom of the page.

 4. Tell us your t-shirt size. Additional items are available for purchase on this     screen like the Baby Bear and Mama Bear Camp Packages. These packages     have Camp swag! Once you have completed your selections, click continue     at the bottom of the page.

 5. Payment Protection is a service provided by CampDoc. Choose to     purchase or decline this option on this screen. GSHG can not refund or     make changes to your purchase of any protection plan. Click continue at     the bottom of the page.

6. Pay and register on this screen! Once you have entered your payment     details, click pay and register at the bottom of the screen.

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Fan Favorites

Tie Dye Camp T-Shirt

Camper Roll

Clay Props

Troll Headband

Theater Box

Miss Frizz Science Bizz

Tie Dye Camp T-Shirt

Camper Roll

Seed Paper

Glow Line

Magic Bus

Bear Necessities

Tie Dye Camp T-Shirt

Camper Roll

Legend of the Winkles

Paper Princess Winkle

Wish Boats

Wish Boat Ceremony

Elf House


Tie Dye Camp T-Shirt

Camper Roll

Nature Flags

Stamp This!

Letterboxing 101 and DIY Stamp with Foam



Tie Dye Camp T-Shirt

Camper Roll

Boat Box

Pop Paddleboats



Tie Dye Camp T-Shirt

Camper Roll

Traveling Soap

DIY Compass and Star Journal

Tent Box

Small Tent

Summer Camp Photos & Videos: Tanglewood, Low, CMJ

Small Tent

Facebook Pages: Tanglewood, Low, CMJ