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Yes! We are having camp this summer. Take a minute to read through the info here, so that you and your camper feel prepared to pick the right camp session for her. No matter what session you all choose, she will find belonging this summer at GSHG summer camps with her Girl Scout sisters. We can’t wait to sing loudly with you, cheer you on at the talent show and learn new skills, together. See you soon, wildflower!

How to Register

Online registration through CampDoc makes registering for camp easy and breezy. Click Register Now to get started. A $50, non-refundable deposit will be required for each session you register for to reserve your camper’s spot.

We’ve designed each summer camp session to meet each girl where she is at in her development. You may register your Girl Scout for camp sessions for the Girl Scout grade-level she will be entering in the Fall of 2021.

To order Camp Outside the Box for your girl, click the registration button above, create an account, and add Camp Outside the Box to your cart. It's that simple! 

Important Dates to Remember

Early Bird Discount Deadline - March 28, 2021
Campership Application Deadline - March 28, 2021
Regular Price Deadline - May 2, 2021
Late Registration Price and Paid in Full Deadline - May 30, 2021

Camp Costs

Day Camp - $175

Resident Camp - $350

Into the Wild: 8th Grade+ Travel Trip - $400

Discounts Available!

Take advantage of these discounts and see how affordable camp can be for your Girl Scout:

Early Bird Discount: for each registration submitted with deposit by March 28. $50/Resident; $25/Day

Returning Camper Discount: one time discount for a girl who participated in Camp Outside the Box in 2020 or attended in-person camp in 2019. $20

Multi-camp Household Discount: for additional girls in the same household attending GSHG resident or day camp. $10 deduction for each additional girl

Cookie Points

After registering your camper for her camp session at and paying the $50 non-refundable deposit using cash, credit or check, Cookie Points may be applied to the cost of her registration. 

Forward your 2020 Council Cookie Points email to, indicating how much of your camper’s Cookie Points you would like to apply to her registration. The Summer Camp Registrar will apply your camper’s Cookie Points to her camp registration.


Session 1: You Belong Among the Wildflowers - Camp Tanglewood - June 6-11
Daisy Day Camp (June 5-11)

Spend the week celebrating inspiring women whose purposeful lives have made your world a better place! You'll harness their courageous spirit and can do attitudes while you try campptivities like slingshots, canoeing, and fire building. By the end of the week, you will be bold, brave, and persistent when trying new things as you work toward the Daisy Outdoor Art Maker Badge.


Brownie/Junior Day Camp (June 5-11)

It's time to get officially flower crowned! After all, your bold, brave attitude is crown worthy. Spend the week learning next level tie dye skills, learning to sew patches on your bell bottoms, and perfecting your very own flower crown. You'll work towards the Outdoor Art Badge for your grade-level. Camptivities like swimming and archery are on the list, too!


Brownie Resident Camp

Come gather 'round, Girl Scouts, wherever you roam! The times are changing and we can be big, brave storytellers through dance. Dance is a beautiful way to share stories from generation to generation. Spend the week learning different dances, meeting a local pro, and showing off your skills with your new Girl Scout Friends as you work towards the Brownie Dancer Badge. Camptivities like swimming and paddling are on the list, too!


Junior Resident Camp

There are so many ways to tell our story. Music is a powerful way to stand up for injustice, share our history, and move people to effect change. Spend the week diving into music from other cultures and genres to build a more complete picture of the world that you thrive in. You'll build an instrument, jam out with local artists, and showcase your own talent as you work towards the Junior Musician Badge. Camptivities like swimming and archery are on the list, too!


Cadette Resident Camp

Join other Girl Scouts for a week of change making. You'll meet local women, working towards a better world and get involved in projects they are working on right now. You could be learning tool cool things to build sensory spaces for children at a local school or drawing a children's book that allows more kids to see themselves in what they read. This week you'll discover where your passion lies and tools to help change happen. We'll move forward, together, working towards the GSHG HERStory Patch and enjoying camptivities like swimming and archery, too!


8th Grade+ Travel Trip

Do you love camp AND new adventures? We're heading into the wild! After hanging out with your camp family Sunday evening, you will hit the road first thing Monday morning and return Thursday afternoon, just in time for the talent show. While you're away you'll feel the rush on a natural rock slide, swim under a 60 ft waterfall, and see many goats on multiple roofs. You'll have the makings of a solid vlog as you work towards the Senior Traveler Badge.



Discover and practice skills needed to be a positive and supportive mentor to younger girls, while contributing to an empowering and inclusive community experience. CIT I provides participants with a balance of new knowledge an theory, ample opportunities to practice new skills, and a supportive, mentored environment where you'll thrive! Girls completing CIT I will earn a certification in American Red Cross First Aid/CPR & AED.

Session 2: STEMinist! - Camp Tanglewood – June 13-18
Daisy Day Camp (June 14-18)

It's your first time at camp (maybe second!). You're ready to explore camp's trails and try your hand at the many activities camp has to offer. Spend the week swimming in the pool, getting crafty, and putting on your explorer cap. Girls will discover the wonders of camp from crafts to bugs and tie-die to theater. Imagine yourself at camp!


Brownie/Junior Day Camp (June 14-18)

Spend the week meeting animal friends, and learning about how and where they live. We'll be prepared to advocate for animals, be courteous to their outdoor environments, and take care of the ones that live in our homes! Girls will work towards the Animals Badge for their grade-level while enjoying camptivities like swimming and archery, too!


Brownie Resident Camp

Science is all around us. It's in everything that we do! Even the nom worthy creations of our camp kitchens. We'll make (and eat!) next level tacos of many varieties while learning the science behind making them. You'll work towards the Brownie Sense Badge while enjoying camptivities like swimming and archery, too!


Junior Resident Camp

Explore this big, beautiful world through a new lens. We'll learn how to use apps to identify constellations, name plants, and draw our landscape. You'll work towards the Junior App Development Badge while enjoying camptivities like swimming and paddling, too!


Cadette Resident Camp

Dreams take flight. So do drones! Spend the week drilling on drone safety and get a look at the latest drone tech as you airlift drones and master remote navigation while flying ‘missions’. You'll work towards the Cadette Showcasing Robots Badge as you enjoy camp staples like swimming and shooting sports, too!



Take your skills to the next level as a positive, supportive mentor to younger girls. CIT II provides you with increasing opportunities to guide younger girls in camptivities and encourage them to be bold, kind and brave in their group living unit. After meeting as a group for core learning, CIT IIs will develop skills in facilitating outdoor activities such as fire building, camp tools and geocaching. Girls completing the CIT II program will be certified in Outdoor Skills 101 and receive priority in the Junior Counselor application process the following year.

Session 3: Boats Out at Sea – Camp Low – June 20–25
Daisy Day Camp (June 21-25)

You don't have to look too long to realize - you and mermaids have everything in common. You are bold, brave, and beautiful beings that we not only believe in, but celebrate! Spend the week sharing your magic and whimsy with your new merfriends as you see the colors in nature, hear its sounds, and showcase your greatest masterpiece - you!


Brownie/Junior Day Camp (June 21-25)

Join the ranks of the way-finders, making friends with Moana AND adventure at Camp Low. After all, you've been chosen by the ocean to plot the night sky, master your navigation skills and paddle new waters. You'll work towards the Space Science Adventurer Badge for your grade-level as you enjoy camptivities like swimming and archery, too!


Brownie Resident Camp

Water slides? Water games? Water adventures? Yes. Please! Take your seafaring skills to the next level as you learn new paddling strokes, how to navigate on the water, and how to catch a pirate! Seafarers will work towards the Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge as they enjoy camptivities like swimming and archery, too!


Junior Resident Camp

Calling all merpeople! Pick your mermaid alias before learning mermaiding basics like putting on your tail, new swimming techniques and finding underwater treasures. You'll be choreographing your own underwater mershow in no time! Merpeople will work towards the Junior Outdoor Art Explorer Badge as they enjoy camptivities like canoeing and archery, too!


Cadette Resident Camp

Camp Low is hosting the quinquennial Triwizard Tournament - the famous and friendly competition between 3 magic schools! You've been chosen by the Goblet of Fire to help earn points for your school as you compete to grab the golden egg, retrieve a loved one in a coracle boat and be the first one to grab the Triwizard Cup as you navigate camp's hedge maze using GPS Don't worry, as you work towards the Cadette Outdoor Art Apprentice Badge, you'll enjoy camp staples like swimming and archery, too!


8th Grade+ Travel Trip

After brushing up on backcountry skills - hanging a hammock, cooking over a fire and using (and throwing) wood tools - Cadettes will apply their skills on an overnight trip to Cumberland Island. We'll hop on the ferryboat and bike to our beachside campsite. You'll get to take in the wander-ful views and relax with a dip in the Atlantic Ocean! Don't worry, while you're working towards your Cadette Primitive Camper Badge, you'll enjoy camptivities like archery, too!

Session 4: Elf Adventures – CMJ – June 27–July 2
Brownie Resident Camp

Step into the forest where you'll meet the Winkles - your very elf like and very magical friends of the forest. Together, you'll discover all things camp - from learning to use fire as a cooking tool and mastering the use of a bow to trying new things like roller skating and target paintball. Celebrate the end of the summer season in style on Thursday! Brownie Girl Scouts will work towards the Brownie Hiker Badge as you enjoy camptivities like swimming and paddling, too!


Junior Resident Camp

Did you know that flippie floppies are some of fairies' favorite things? Jump into the daily life of a Fairy - a very small, very magical female with wings! You'll ride horses on trail, play next-level archery games, and swamp a canoe on purpose. Celebrate the end of the summer season in style on Thursday! Spend your week increasing your fairy game as you work towards the Junior Camper Badge.


Cadette Resident Camp

Join the adventures of Princess Winkle, building skills in using (and throwing) camp tools like hatchets, striving for master chef status over the fire, and learning the trails on horseback. Celebrate the end of the summer season in style on Thursday! You'll work towards the Cadette Trailblazer Badge as you enjoy camptivities like swimming and paddling, too!


Camp Outside the Box: A Camp Experience mailed to your door!

Our camp families and new to camp families may opt into Camp Outside the Box, a camp experience mailed to your door so that you can enjoy the magic and whimsy of camp whereever you are – your backyard, kitchen table or grandma’s house! What's inside: 

  1.  3 must-do camptivities 
  2.  Mail from a Camp Counselor 
  3.  Camp T-Shirt and Patch

To order Camp Outside the Box for your girl, click the registration button above, create an account, and add Camp Outside the Box to your cart. 

Family Guides for Summer Camp
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Small Tent

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