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 GSHG Camp Properties

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia has 9 different beautiful camp properties for Girl Scouts to enjoy!
Camp Closings and Availability for Winter Season

Even though we have a vast difference in temperature from Camp Lanier (northern-most camp property) to Camp Okit (southern-most camp property), the non-climate controlled areas of our camp will be closed from mid-November through mid-March. Lodging at our climate controlled facilities is still available. 

Here’s a snapshot of the available winter camping options:

  Camp Low is the only entire camp that stays open year-round.

•    Camp Concharty’s Lodge with sleeping quarters is open year-round.
•    Camp CMJ’s Sweetwater Retreat Center is open year-round. Primitive side is now closed.
•    Camp Tanglewood’s Lodge & Friendship Room/Infirmary are open year-round.
•    Camp Okit’s Lodge/Dining Hall is open year-round.
•    Camps Lanier, Otaki, Manipines & Robert Lewis will be closed for the winter season
•    Cabin/tent camping is permitted for the die-hard campers and event planners only.  In these instances, the units can be available for use during the closed season, but please be aware there will not be any water in the units.   Campers must bring their own water and order Porta-Potties at their own expense.

For information or questions about any of our camps please email reservations@gshg.org.  Be sure to include which camp you plan to visit and when you are planning your visit with us.


 GSHG Camp Properties