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Board of Directors
Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia is governed by a board of directors which provides strategic leadership, advocacy, decision-making, partnerships and policy development/oversight.

Council Delegates
Members 14 years and older may serve as council delegates and participate in the council democratic process. Delegates’ responsibilities are as follows:

  • Represent membership views in local meetings and the Council Annual Meeting
  • Encourage attendance of membership at local constituency meetings
  • Facilitate rich and relevant dialogue on current issues
  • Ensure operational issues are directed to council staff and direct policy issues are directed to the Board of Directors
  • Serve as liaison between the Board of Directors and local membership
  • Support the Girl Scout Movement in local communities

2018 Annual Meeting
The Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Annual Meetingmet on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at Camp Martha Johnston in Lizella, GA. 

Info for the meeting: 
2018 Annual Meeting Delegates

2018 Annual Meeting Packet
2018 Board Bios

Info from the meeting:
2018 Annual Meeting Presentation 
2017 Annual Report 


2017 National Convention
Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia had a blast at GSUSA's 2017 National Convention and Council Session in Columbus, Ohio in October. More information is on GSUSA's website below: 

Important Governance Documents


GSHG By-Laws

*Article X – Nominating Committee updated September 23, 2016