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Badge in a Bag


Get everything you need to earn a badge, straight to your home! Badge in a bag is just $15 and includes all instructions and materials needed to earn that badge. 

Each month has its own theme:

October theme: Storytelling! PURCHASE HERE
    Daisy - Space Science Explorer
    Brownie - My Family Story
    Junior - Scribe
    Cadette - Screenwriter

November theme: Citizen! PURCHASE HERE
    Daisy - Good Neighbor
    Brownie - Celebrating Community
    Junior - Inside Government
    Cadette - Finding Common Ground

December theme: Mechanical Engineering! PURCHASE HERE 
    Daisy - Roller Coaster Design
    Brownie - Fling Flyer Design
    Junior - Balloon Car Design
    Cadette - Space Science Researcher

Preorder your bags by the last day of each month.

$15 per bag
$12 per bag for > 5
$10 per bag for > 10

Bags are mailed the following month.  You can use cookie dough to purchase!