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Badge in a Bag


Get everything she needs to earn a badge, delivered to your door! Badge in a bag is just $15 and includes the instructions, materials, AND the badge.

Each month a new badge is available. Order now for these upcoming months by clicking the month you're interested in!

    Daisy - Trail Adventurer
    Brownie - Fair Play
    Junior - Playing the Past
    Cadette - Good Sportsmanship

    Daisy - Mechanical Engineer: Model Car
    Brownie - Painting
    Junior - Drawing
    Cadette - Comic Artist

    Daisy - Eco Learner
    Brownie - Eco Friend
    Junior - Eco Camper
    Cadette - Eco Trekker

    Daisy - Outdoor Art Maker
    Brownie - Outdoor Art Creator
    Junior - Outdoor Art Explorer
    Cadette - Outdoor Art Apprentice

Order your bags today by clicking the links above or calling our shop at 1-888-689-1912. Preorder your bags by the last day of each month. Bags are mailed the following month.

$15 per bag
$12 per bag if purchased in increments of 5
$10 per bag if purchased in increments of 10