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Council's Own Badges Transition


Statement of the Transition of Council's Own Badges:

In an effort to continue to provide both educational and fun programming for both Girl Scouts within our GSHG council and our Girl Scout (and Guide) sisters who visit Savannah from around the country and world, the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia and Girl Scout First Headquarters are reimagining some of our Council's Own Badges at this time.  This is in part to simply edit the badges for content based on new opportunities or more current curriculum, as well as to fit with the new GSUSA national badge criteria. 

We have made the difficult decision to retire some of our badges (Allied Health, Recycler and Our Hometown Heroes, specifically) and we are in the process of revamping most of the others. This will be a period of transition: we ask for your patience but would also like you to know that your girls will absolutely not be denied access to any GSHG recognition which they earn. The first badges undergoing this process are our most popular: Coastal Georgia, Daisy's Neighborhood, and Discover Savannah.

        * First, the Coastal Georgia badge is simply being updated in curriculum and to meet the new GSUSA badge requirements.  Should our current stock of Coastal Georgia badges not last until the newly re-designed badges arrive, you will simply be able to order the appropriate badge once the new badges arrive.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Girl Scouts who earn the badge under the original requirements may still wear the *new* badge in good faith during this period of transition. 

        *Secondly, and slightly more complicated, the Daisy's Neighborhood and Discover Savannah Badges are being merged into one program:  Discover Daisy's Savannah (official name TBD).  If, during this transition time, your Girl Scouts earn one or both of the original badges and it is no longer available for purchase, when the newly redesigned badges arrive, you may substitute the new design for the original badge.  Again, this is a period of grace and substitutions will be allowed; we are making this transition on the honor system - if your girls earned one of the pre-merge badges, that will suffice at this time for her to wear the newly "merged" badge.  And, like the Coastal Georgia badge, you will be able to order these new badges online once they are availale.  (Please note: wearing a combination of any two of these badges is acceptable - wearing all three: Daisy's Neighborhood, Discover Savannah, and Discover Daisy's Savannah is not.)

We thank in advance for your patience during this process and for your understanding as we strive to provide the best possible eduational opportunities for our Girl Scouts.

Yours in Girl Scouting,
GSHG / FHQ Program & Retail Staff