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Daily Programs

The Early Years: 1912 – 1929
This patch program focuses on life skills and badge work done by girls during Juliette Low’s time … skills that can still be surprisingly useful today. Activities may include knot tying (specifically, how to tie a burglar with 8 inches of rope), signal flags and Morse code, learning to make a bed with a patient in it, camping skills, period games and more. (All ages)

Moving Forward: 1930 - 1959
This patch program focuses on life skills and badge work during the “classic” era of Girl Scouts. Activities may include period camping and first aid skills, Girl Scout badge work and how it corresponded to professional skills at that time, geography, period games and more. (Juniors & up)

Preserving Girl Scout History (i.e. Archives)*
This S.T.E.A.M. program focuses on how to preserve your own Girl Scout memories, priceless personal treasures & even your family history. Girls learn the chemistry behind good preservation techniques (just what does “archival safe” mean, anyway?), and what you’ve been doing right (and wrong) ‘til now. Then we’ll get creative while scrapbooking and play with Girl Scout history while earning this Council’s Own badge. (Juniors & up)

We'll use multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware while earning this Council’s Own badge! Come treasure hunting with the staff of First Headquarters in this S.T.E.M. program as you learn all about navigating with modern technology. We’ll then test these life-skills and take to the streets of Savannah in a high-tech version of hide-and-seek with a twist. (Juniors & up)

Black History*
We gwine he'p dem learn more about the unique Gullah-Geechee culture of coastal Georgia and South Carolina, and how that culture has influenced other Americans … perhaps more than you realize. Every played a kazoo? Had a guber? Sang “Kumbayah” around a campfire? Learn how members and descendants of the Gullah-Geechee community have shaped (and continue to shape) not only Savannah and Girl Scout history, but American history as well. (Brownie & up)


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