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Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars is a special program that serves girls whose mothers are incarcerated. This is a unique troop where girls meet with their mothers within the prison walls and engage in Girl Scout programing. There are three components to the program: mothers and daughters meet inside the prison and engage in Girl Scouting activities, daughters meet as a regular Girl Scout Troop outside of the prison (camping trips, college tours and visits to museums), and volunteers come into the facility to speak with mothers about building leadership and parental skills. This program has been implemented in other states before, but this is the first Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program in Georgia. We are currently serving Lee Arrendale State Prison and hope to expand the program in the future.  

You can help make this program a success! We need volunteers to assist inside and outside of the prison. Contact Customer Care at 1-888-689-1912 to learn more about how you can support our Girl Scouts Beyond Bars. You may also reach out to the Jessica Sykes, the leader for Troop 17060, at