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 Tips for Going Green

Hello Everyone!  My name is Courtney, and I am part of the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Global Green Team.  As such, all members of this team must do a project relating to going green. I chose to focus on air pollution because when you think about it, it would be most important to us as people because we breathe in air 24/7, so if it's polluted we can be affected. I also chose it because not many people on the team were focusing on it, so I decided to step up! Anyway, check back here every other day for the next month for new tips on how to be more efficient in your home or in your car on the way to work.  Stay tuned for easy tips to help the air around us!

#1: Go green in your own garden.  Avoid any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in your garden, keep everything natural and use organic products instead.  The chemical fertilizers kill off microorganisms which overtime causes the soil to become useless so nothing can grow with it. Chemical fertilizers also cause the emission of ammonia, or NH3, which is a greenhouse gas, thereby polluting the air we breathe in.  Be Green!  Be Efficient!  Don't Use Chemical Fertilizers!

#2: When deciding that you need to run an errand, plan a few other things you can get done while you are out. That way you conserve gas as well as reduce air pollution. Say you need to run to the market to pick up a quick meal for dinner, why don't you grab that almost overdue library book and go ahead and turn it in? Small changes can make a big difference, especially in the air around you. However, if you are out in your car, don't go for the drive - in lines, park your car and go ahead inside. It helps to reduce the amount of gas you are burning just sitting there. Be Green! Be Efficient! Use Car Smarts!

#3: If you haven't done so already, set up recycling bins somewhere in your home! If you train yourself to use them, it might just become a good habit to recycle. Throwing away recyclable items causes them to be completely unhelpful. If they are put into a landfill where they are incinerated, it will cause smoke to billow and pollute the air. The plastic bottle you bought at that one sports event has probably gone through many series of being recycled. Making that little effort to recycle can go a long way, plus it makes you feel good to know that you've helped the earth that day. Be Green! Be Efficient! Recycle!

#4: Are you in need of some shade around your home? Need that little bit of sunlight to seep through during the winter? Why not do the best thing, not only for you but for the air, and plant a tree. A deciduous tree seems to work the best. Planting this tree ensures that you are getting plenty of oxygen around your house and you create a natural shade for your home in the hot months, and in the colder months it provides some sunlight. This gives you a way to not have to turn the air conditioning all the way up to escape the heat. It just burns off too much energy. Instead, plant a tree and enjoy the results. If you can't plant a tree because of your location, buy a plant, like a flower or something small. That way it can sit in the open area of your home and still give off a supply of oxygen. Be Green! Be Efficient! Hug A Tree!

#5: If you are at home, do yourself a favor and keep the doors open. It creates a good ventilation and such in your house. Small tips that can help save the planet! Even if it is just opening a door! Be Green! Be Efficient! Open A Door!