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Building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

 Daily Programs

The Early Years: 1912 – 1929
This patch program will focus on skills and badge work done by girls during Juliette Low’s time. These could include activities such as tying a burglar with 8 inches of rope, signal flags and Morse code, learning to make a bed with a patient in it, camping skills, period games and more. (All ages)
Moving Forward: 1930 - 1959
This patch program focuses on skills and badge work of the “classic” era of Girl Scouts. These could include learning how to make and use bandages, art, learning about girls from other countries, professional skills from the time, period games and more. (Juniors & up)
Girl Scouting in the USA*
Come experience the excitement of earning the Girl Scouting in the USA badge in the same location the first Girl Scouts earned their badges. Learn about Daisy’s life, Girl Scout history and traditions. This program will include activities such as signs, motto and handshakes, games and more. (Juniors)
Preserving Girl Scout History*
With this program, you can learn about Girl Scout History and how to preserve your own Girl Scout memories & even your family history. Learn what you’ve been doing right … and wrong as we make a scrapbook page and learn other skills to protect you priceless personal treasures. (Juniors & up)
Savannah Safari*
See Savannah through an artist’s eyes as we walk through the historic district and “hunt” for artistic representations of animals. Juliette Low and other artists recognized the powerful symbolism in using animals in their artwork; let’s see what your girls make of some of these examples. (All ages)
Come treasure hunting with the staff of First Headquarters as you first learn all about navigation with classic techniques and modern technology. We’ll then take to the streets of Savannah in a high-tech version of hide-and-seek with a twist. (Juniors & up)
Box Programs
For your convenience, Box Programs are also available on a “first come, first serve” basis from Girl Scout First Headquarters. Programs vary and include subjects such as Juliette Low’s life, early Girl Scout history, and Girl Scouts during World War II. Contact Jami at First Headquarters for the most current list of available boxes.
* - denote programs for which Badges, IPPs, and / or Try-Its are currently available at $2.14 each (price subject to change)
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