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Building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

 Getting Started

Just a few simple steps and you are on your way to raising funds for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia while making a positive impact on the environment as well as someone’s life!
  • First read Incentives, Tips, and Resources for Scouting for Shoes Success to get started.

  • Download the sign-up/box order form and fax to 678.264.5480 or scan and email to Stephen Castrianni at scastrianni@communityrecycling.biz - ShoeBox Recycling will then send you five or more boxes to fill up with those reusable, re-wearable shoes that have been lying around your house and cluttering your closet.

  • You may order additional boxes at any time by emailing scastrianni@communityrecycling.biz.

  • Once your box or boxes are completely full (40 pounds full) ship your boxes to ShoeBox Recycling. (See shipping instructions below.)

  • The shoes you’re recycling are destined for reuse, so that means there should be no holes in them, and they can live happily on someone else’s feet! For a full list of what is and is not acceptable, review our Acceptable Shoes List.

Shipping Suggestions: (Use whichever one is most convenient for you.)

  1. The preferred method of shipping is to use boxes provided to you by Shoebox Recycling which come with a prepaid label already affixed
  2. If you have a regularly scheduled FedEx ground pickup, place your filled boxes where your driver normally comes to pick up
  3. If you don’t have a regularly scheduled pickup, there are thousands of authorized FedEx Shipping stores.  Click here to find an authorized FedEx location near you to drop off your boxes.
  4. If these options do not work, call FedEx at 800.463.3339 and schedule a Next Day FedEx Ground Pick Up.
  5. Lastly, it is not necessary to secure your own box since ShoeBox Recycling provides them to you, but individual recyclers may use their own boxes, provided they send 10 or more pairs of shoes. If using your own box, please notify ShoeBox Recycling that your personal box is full by emailing scastrianni@communityrecycling.biz, and then a FedEx shipping label and detailed instructions on how to send the boxes back will be sent to you.

(View printable version.)