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Cookie Training

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Sat Dec 02, 10:30 AM
Volunteer Training
All Areas

If you are a returning Troop Cookie Manager, you must complete the Cookie Training at one of the designated times below, if you are unable to attend you can complete the VIPe Training and Cookie Quiz. For New Troop Cookie Managers, the Cookie Rookie Training and the VIPe Training must be completed. For questions please contact your local Council Product Sales Manager.

Register here for one of the below trainigs: 
-November 30th at 10:30am: Cookie Rookie Training (online, only for new troops)
-November 30th at 6:30pm: Cookie Rookie Training (offered at each office and online for new troops)
-December2nd at 10:30am: Cookie Training (online only)
-December 5th at 10:30am: Cookie Training (offered in and each office and online)
-December 5th at 6:30pm: Cookie Training (online only)
-December 11th at 10:30am: Cookie Rookie Training (online, new troops only)
-December 11th at 6:30pm: Cookie Training (offered in each office and online)

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